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Enhanced File Transfer Server

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What is Enhanced File Transfer?

   GlobalSCAPE’s Enhanced File Transfer (EFT) solution manages and secures data transfer across multiple sites and/or applications. EFT uses open standard protocols to send financial and personal information, critical business files, large documents and EDI transactions over the Internet and private IP networks. EFT provides organizations with a cost effective and reliable alternative to expensive solutions like leased lines, VANs and VPNs.


EFT Solution

GlobalSCAPE’s Enhanced File Transfer solution consists of an EFT Server, a DMZ Gateway server and multiple client connectivity options:

EFT Server

EFT Server is the foundation for comprehensive and integrated secure file transfer applications and back end data management.

DMZ Gateway Server

Use DMZ Gateway in combination with EFT Server to create a multi-tier security solution for data storage and retrieval.

Client Connectivity Options

Protocol flexibility allows your trading partners to choose between a wide range of client applications depending on their needs.

EFT Solution Benefits

EFT is ideal for exchanging data between trading partners, clients, suppliers, remote employees and/or customers. It ensures reliable and secure transactions with data integrity verification over industry standard security protocols. EFT is the smart choice for organizations seeking to:

·         Exchange data with partners and clients over multiple secur protocols

·         Automate workflow and application integration

·         Protect data during transport and while stored on disk

·         Guarantee transfer of mission-critical files

·         Perform transparent “clientless” partner transactions

·         Audit and report on transactions throughout their life-cycle

·         Reduce the risk of transacting in or through your DMZ

·         Meet stringent regulatory requirements including HIPAA, Graham-Leach-Bliley, and Sarbanes-Oxley

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